AB high speed film blowing machine

AB high speed film blowing machine

AB high speed film blowing machine


The AB type two-layer film blowing machine is equipped with two extruders, which can produce two layers of film, each layer of material / color is different. Die design ensures good color separation for each layer. The two layer film blowing unit can continuously blow various LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, EVA and other composite packaging films with different width and thickness of 0.02-0.15mm; For example: the hot film in woven bag, composite substrate film, black and white protective film, etc.


application:Black and white film, express bag, garbage bag.







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  • GD/L-100B Screw diameter:GD/L-100B Film width:1500-2500mm Film thickness:0.015-0.15 yield:350kg/hr
  • GD/L-120B Screw diameter:GD/L-120B Film width:1800-3000mm Film thickness:0.015-0.15 yield:450kg/hr
  • GD/L-100AA Screw diameter:GD/L-100AA Film width:2600-3500mm Film thickness:0.05-0.15mm yield:620kg/hr
  • GD/L-120AA Screw diameter:GD/L-120AA Film width:3000-4000mm Film thickness:0.05-0.15mm yield:780kg/hr


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