3-5-7-9 layer high barrier film blown line

3-5-7-9 layer high barrier film blown line

3-5-7-9 layer high barrier film blown line


For 30 years, we have been focusing on plastic extrusion technology, providing plastic flexible packaging manufacturers with a full set of solutions for blown film extrusion: 3-9-layer co extrusion blown film extrusion production line, with automatic film thickness control system, automatic air ring, IBC internal cooling control, PLC touch screen control, automatic winder and dosing system technology, with high equipment output
1.Die With Inner Cooling System:24 Hours Fully Automatic Film Width Monitor And Control With Cooling Air Constaint-temperature Device
2.Operation with remote monitoring interface makes the width changed easily,conveniently and simply
3. The 360 degree horizontal rotary type can improve the coiling flatness and reduce the subsequent processing loss


application:Air column bag, vacuum bag, oil bag, all kinds of liquid bag.


Screw diameter: Ø 45~100mm
Materials used: LDPE / LLDPE / HDPE / MLLDPE / PA / EVOH / TIE / PP / EVA and other materials for film blowing
Film width: 500 ~ 3000mm
Film thickness: 0.015 ~ 0.30mm

(The above information is for reference only)


  • GD-3L45 Screw diameter:GD-3L45 Film width:600-1100mm Film thickness:0.028-0.18mm yield:130kg/hr
  • GD-3L50 Screw diameter:GD-3L50 Film width:800-1300mm Film thickness:0.028-0.18mm yield:190kg ∕ hr


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