Single layer high speed film blowing machine (rotary type)

Single layer high speed film blowing machine (rotary type)

Single layer high speed film blowing machine (rotary type)


Single layer blowing machine provides a high-quality solution for general packaging and high-quality film manufacturers. This machine is suitable for the production of general packaging products, such as vest bags, supermarket bags, flat bags and so on. Film width can be customized according to customer requirements, from 800mm to 2300mm, suitable for HDPE and LDPE film production. High precision die head and cooling ring provide good film thickness control and resistance.


application:Garbage bags, vest bags, degradable bags and flat bags.


Screw diameter: Ø 50~80mm
Raw materials used: HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE
Membrane width: 300 ~ 2000mm
Film thickness: 0.02 ~ 0.15mm
Maximum extrusion capacity: 60 ~ 160kg / HR

(The above information is for reference only)


  • GD/HL-50E Screw diameter:GD/HL-50E Film width:300-900mm Film thickness:0.009-0.08mm yield:60kg/hr
  • GD/HL-55E Screw diameter:GD/HL-55E Film width:400-1000mm Film thickness:0.009-0.08mm yield:85kg/hr
  • GD/HL-65E Screw diameter:GD/HL-65E Film width:600-1300mm Film thickness:0.01-0.08mm yield:125kg/hr
  • GD/HL-80EZ Screw diameter:GD/HL-80EZ Film width:1000-2000mm Film thickness:0.01-0.08mm yield:160kg/hr


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