ABA film blowing machine

ABA film blowing machine

ABA film blowing machine


No matter HDPE, LDPE or LLDPE, A + B + A three-layer coextrusion film blowing machine has its unique material characteristics. Through multi-layer coextrusion, the physical strength of the film is improved, and the internal and external materials supplied by the host machine are used, which can reduce the structure of the main body and reduce the cost and energy consumption. The extruder adopts two same or different plastic extrusion methods to extrude the coextrusion head, so as to improve the physical properties of the film, increase its strength, and make the film have good barrier and air tightness. The machine adopts advanced continuous rotating head, the product is smooth and uniform, which ensures the quality requirements of packaging machine, printing machine and other follow-up process equipment.
Its main products include flat bags, T-shirts and garbage bags
In addition to reducing the amount of raw materials used in the formulation, another advantage of the ABA machine is that the three-layer film produced by the machine is 30% stronger than that produced by the single-layer extruder.
Compared with ABC three-layer machine, the economy of ABA machine is also much higher, because it has fewer extruders. High proportion of recycled materials or CaCO3 is used in the middle layer of flexible packaging bags, T-shirt bags, garbage bags and shopping bags, which can significantly reduce the material cost and produce stronger films with higher resistance


application:Express bags, garbage bags, vest bags, degradable bags.


Screw diameter: Ø 45~55mm
Raw material: HDPE / LDPE
Membrane width: 700 ~ 1300mm
Film thickness: 0.008 ~ 0.05mm
Maximum extrusion capacity: 75-150kg / h

(The above information is for reference only)


  • GD-ABA-45 Screw diameter:GD-ABA-45 Film width:700 Film thickness:0.008-0.05mm yield:75kg/hr
  • GD-ABA-50 Screw diameter:GD-ABA-50 Film width:1000mm Film thickness:0.008-0.05 yield:110kg/hr
  • GD-ABA-55 Screw diameter:GD-ABA-55 Film width:1300mm Film thickness:0.008-0.05mm yield:150kg/hr
  • GD-ABA-55-2W Screw diameter:GD-ABA-55-2W Film width:550mmx2 Film thickness:0.008-0.05mm yield:150kg∕hr


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